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1. S52AB

Abouth my ham activity:

First ham activity abouth 1962

Operaters clas 3.: December 22.1966 in home radioclub YU3DJR (now S59DJR)
Operaters clas 2. : September 15. 1967

From 27.September 1967 to 28. Februarary 1969 in YU army-no telegraphist (Kikinda,Ruma, frontier guardhouse "Socica" nr. Vrsac-Serbia-frontier with YO). In Ruma-time to time activ in Radioclub Ruma, YU1KWX - Serbia.

Avgust 23.1969 - start on my personally ham radiostation. Call YU3TFC. This is first activity(!) ham radiostation on south-east area of Slovenia.
Rig: RX SET R 107-modification on ham band 80, 40 and 20 m. TX home made 2x807 - cca 50 W. ANT G5RV. With this equipment and ANT is worked over of 100 DXCC station. Other RIG: TS 500, FTDX500, TS 120S, TS 130S, FT7B, IC245, FT225RD. ANT: Windom h.made, dipol, 12AVQ and 10 m vertical for 3.5MHz.

Operaters clas 1. in 1983 and call YT3AB

5BDXCC nr. 3460 in januar 1994 with only 60W and shorth wire and vertical antenne. NO kilowats, NO tower, NO beam, quad .

50 MHZ: from april 2000 to januar 2002 100 DXCC. 1-32 DXCC with 800mW, 33-82 with 7W QRO and 83-102 with30W (cca 10W in antenna HB9CV h.m.) . Worked (and QSLL) all Continent on 50 MHz. RIG: transverter and FT7B

LF activity: 136/137kHz: from May 2. 2003 to April 14. 2006. Second LF station in S5. Worked (and QSLL) 17 DXCC.LF Loog - LF QSLL - LF Graph RIG: DDS Generator , step from 0.04Hz., QRO ISKRA - 36B, 88 W out, h.m. 400W-4xIRFP450Converter LF/14 MHzVariometer and big coil: my h.m. ANT: too short-cca 300pF. Scheme my LF instalation

REU (RWW) Listener from May 2006. 1800 aero NDB in cca three year ! by more from 90 Country. From 1200 to 1400 aero NDB in one month - Januar 12. - februar 12. 2008; cca 2 NDB on hour (in listening time) and all signal is registred in sound and graph picture - without SDR, no remote RX, one RX - crazily!.hi. In this time, aero NDB -1852. All other NDB (Navtex, ham, time,other) is over of 2000. ANTMini Whip PA0RDT-my h.m., long EWE, K9AY. Now I listen NDB time to time.This is my NDB News.

Video activity: in this sphere of activity, is some unique signals in this my videos : ALPHA RSDN-20 (1 - 2 3),VLF-LF - HF (M21) - JJY Time Signals, HF RadarsUVB-76/MDZhB and some other signals, SAQ-17.2kHz-more videos, RX testSAQrx test, switching tower-S52R, video from my trips etc.

For more details, please to a look my web site:

WRC-12 - New ham 600m. band / 472 - 479 kHz, secondary allocation

Station on this frequency - 472 - 479 kHz , primary basis(Source: REU Signal List)


500 kHz. Special licence for activity on 500 kHz in S5 (SVN) and her result

from August 04.2011 to December 31.2011.

TX: DDS Generator (his PA) + QRO ISKRA 36B-1-2-3.
      S52ED measure this QRO 04.Marz 2012:  pic-1  and pic-2 , 19 W output
RX: Converter with RF mixer SRA-3H + basis RX TS900 (OT 1973)
Antenna inv. L, pic. 1-pic. 2 / 7m. vertical and 28m. horizontal inv. V, with top hat coil 285microH-Q=cca 730, 1.25A antenna current. Antenna capacitance cca 215pF. Basis antenna resonance: cca 645kHz.

Country schedule 2 way QSO mode:
1. OK (OK2BVG) my first 600m. QSO
QSLL Thanks Lubos
2. YO (YO2ISQSLL Thanks Szigi
3. ON (OR7T) - ON7YD, QSLL - 1 - 2 - 3 Thanks Rik
4. 4O (4O5A, 4O4B) OP Goran&Goran QSLL & QSLL Thanks Goran&Goran
5. ES (ES5AM) QSLL pic-1 , pic-2 , pic-3 ; Thanks Mati
6. SM (SM6BGP) QSLL - 1 - 2 Thanks Gunnar
7. G (G3KEV) OP Mal, No QSLL receive
    G3XIZ (Chris send my RST in CW QSO - 06.Dec.2011), QSLL , Thanks Chris
8. EI (EI0CFQSLL Thanks Finbar
9. 9H (9H9ES) sound - screenshot , QSLL - 1 - 2 - Thanks Fortunato
    (9H9XT) sound - screenshot , John, QSLL No receive
10. I (IQ2MI) sound - 1 - 2 - 3 , graph , Giulio, QSLL no receive

Maximum distance: my signal on graber 4X1RF on locator KM71jh , 2331 km

My QRSS3 signal on OE5ODL Graber / JN68rb with 1W output and 500mW output. Thanks for help Roman-S52AS
20.December 2011: OE5ODL Graber - my 500mW signal. Thanks Sinisa-S52ST&Roman-S52AS
22.December 2011: OE5ODL Graber - my 200mW signal
                                    Idea from S52AS: recording my signal on WebSDR receiver PA3WEG
                                    Part of CW QSO with G3KEV
                                    Thanks for help: S52AS, S52FT, S52ST
27.December 2011: my signal from WebSDR at PA3FWM, Delft - JO21ex, QRB distance 1041 km.
                                    QRSS4 - 5W output and QRSS30 - 500mW output
                                    Thanks Roman S52AS !
29.December 2011: Try again for QSO with OZ7FOC, but withouth success
30.December 2011: Part to happen this evening:graph - 1 - 2 - Sound : 1 - 2 - 3 - . for amusement and conclusion my activity on 600m. band. Abouth 15th UTC I heard OZ7FOC, but QSO withouth success.
9H9PI I am not receiving.

My DDS signal 50(fifty) miliwats near S52ST
QRP power calculation